This weekend the West End Show – The Mousetrap based on Agatha Christie’s novel celebrated sixty years of performances and is still the longest running show in the world.

Many of you may know that a very informative and useful book was written more than twenty five years ago called “A Better Mousetrap “ .  This is a step-by-step guide to invention and is ideal for anybody who has invented something and would like to read up about it.  It is currently available as an e-book PDF version from

Why was a mouse-trap used as a focus for a book on invention I hear you ask.

Well you may be interested to know that the Patent Office has issued over 4,400 mousetrap patents to date so there are clearly many people with innovative ideas and many still trying to improve on the original wooden version with a spring trap.

There are many organisations who can help you with your Innovations but be careful not to spend too much money in the early stages, there’s a lot of work you can do yourself at little cost.