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This video portrays some of the innovative businesses and their new products that we have been able to support over the last three years with our SBIIS III project.

Why Innovation ?

Innovation is the key to improved business performance. Evidence shows that innovative businesses outperform their competitors – they are awash with new ideas and succeed as a result of increased commitment, determination and patience.

Johnson Tiles from Stoke on Trent are known for their Innovation and have had a close relationship with the Business Innovation Centre since they won the BIC sponsored Innovation Award within the Sentinel Business Awards in 2017.

Who can the Staffordshire BIC Help?

  • Inventors
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Small and medium sized businesses
  • By providing advice on new product and new business ideas
  • By currently offering a grant of £5,000 for New Product Development
  • Through the provision of seminars and workshops to encourage innovation and New Product Development
  • By sourcing UK and European grants for funding and innovation

What does it cost?

Staffordshire BIC is supported by local sponsors, the European Regional Development Fund, and various other national and local funding organisations. This means that much of the work carried out is free of charge. However, for detailed work carried out on your behalf, charges would be agreed upon in advance, and calculated on a cost recovery basis.

  • One Hour of BIC advisor time is equivalent to £100 (Please note there is no charge to clients).
  • Half day workshop is equivalent to £175 (Please note there is no charge to clients).
  • Full day workshop is equivalent to £350 (Please note there is no charge to clients).

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