At the Centre for Refurbishment Excellence in Longton on 8 December 2015 the BIC Team celebrated the end of their latest three year ERDF European funded project and were joined by thirty guests for an Afternoon Tea.

The aim of their SBIS II Project was to encourage new High Value – High Growth businesses in Staffordshire especially ones that are able to employ graduates and develop new products or processes.

Through their one to one business advice; a series of self development workshops on Innovation; a £4,500 fund to help companies employ specialist advice to help their companies grow through Innovation and investment in small Incubation office units the BIC were able to achieve the outputs this project required.

They created 278 new jobs, 102 new businesses, gave intensive assistance of over 12 hours to 192 companies and awarded £300,000 of funding to local businesses and saw the development of many fascinating new products and the growth of many business through innovation.

The project was evaluated independently by Baswich Business Consultancy and according to Jonathan Andrew who carried out the evaluation the project was a resounding success and he was overwhelmed by the positive feedback on the support the companies were given and the expertise and knowledge provided by BIC staff.

Quotes from BIC clients included:

“Invaluable support, made a huge difference to our business”

“Excellent support from the BIC team, vital for the development of the business”

“The BIC team was brilliant as always! We love the BIC. Thanks are due to the whole team”