The National Blood Service wouldn’t be an obvious organisation I would link to for innovation but having been a regular donor since my University days, I have been amazed at the number of Innovations I have seen over the last few years!

Little things have changed over the years, all designed to make your donation speedier and pleasanter: From the times when you went and queued up for ages, there are now Advanced appointments; easy re-scheduling; pre-printed attendance forms; quick flow through the checking stage; glass of water to reduce the chance of fainting and feet exercises to reduce the threat of developing DVT etc.

But on my visit on Wednesday I was presented with a real visible innovation – a new donor chair designed to enhance the donation experience and improve the whole process for collection staff. Not only was it comfortable to sit on but it was reclineable – it had a supported recovery position whereby a donor is reclined to the traditional donor position but could easily be put into a recovery position should they become unwell

It’s good to know that the National Blood Service is looking after us!