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Grant Recently Launched by WRAP

WRAP is looking for organisations that are creating new methods of recycling plastics or textiles in England. The project must demonstrate that it goes beyond ‘state of the art’ current industry norm and must have a measurable impact in terms of quantity in tonnes. Projects could include innovative sorting equipment, smart marker systems, conveyor systems, storage etc… Grants of between £200,000 and £1m for eligible projects.


Will your Idea Work? Three posters like the one seen here next to our Chief Executive Geoff Riley are located on bus shelters around Stafford where the BIC will be holding a workshop on 6 June entitled "Will your Idea Work?" Let us know through Social Media @staffsBIC if you've seen the posters and where they are. If you know anybody who has a new product idea and not sure whether it is feasible, do encourage them to attend this event at www.thebic.co.uk/events and we will give them the skills they need to find out if their idea will work and also introduce them to the BIC's £5,000 New Product Development Grant.


Staffordshire Day was first celebrated in 2016 and apparently marks the 1000th anniversary of the first mention of the county of Staffordshire. 1st May is also the anniversary of the founding of Josiah Wedgwood & Sons. BIC staff including Paul who took the photograph celebrated today with a cup of tea using our very own Wedgwood Tea Set. Over the years we have collected a number of pieces of Staffordshire pottery and are all proud to live and work in Staffordshire.


Following a great night at the Sentinel Business Awards, we'd like to Congratulate HaulTech from Newcastle for winning the BIC's Innovation Award with their latest Innovative Transport and Warehouse Technology solutions. Congratulations must also go to all the other winners and runners up. Don't forget that the BIC has a £5,000 grant at the moment to help companies research, develop and launch to market New Product Ideas.

Sally On The Run – Stroke Association

Sally and Caroline are taking part in the ‘Trentham Gardens 15K’ on the 07th April and the ‘Stafford Half Marathon’ on the 17th March to raise money for Stroke Association. We have chosen this charity as we lost my beautiful mum on the 12th November unexpectedly and it’s something very close to our hearts. We miss you mum and just hope we can make it to the finish line!!!

Cakes Galore for Children In Need 2018

Sandra & Rachel from the Staffordshire BIC visited the tenants at the Sutherland Institute selling cakes for Children in Need.  As usual, the tenants dug deep into their pockets and a total of £38 was raised towards the Children in Need.  Many thanks to Spec Check, V Prep, Interlock Digital, Cats & Carbs, Find A Home, Longton Libary


Just thought I’d let you know that there is currently an OPEN Round of Funding running from Innovate UK for innovative business focussed projects as opposed to pure research. Usually funding is available for specific sectors and industries but this is an OPEN round so worth considering. Applications can come from any area of technology, science or engineering including arts, design, media or creative industries and be applied to any part of the economy.

Staffordshire BIC 2018

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