In anticipation of World Intellectual Property Day on 26 April I thought I would share with you some information I gained from the British Library Newsletter of the details of the first ever UK Numbered Patent – No 1.

This was granted to Aron Rathburne and Roger Burges and was for engraving and printing maps. The patent lasted for 14 years giving the rights holders the opportunity to train two generations of apprentices in the relevant art. Patents nowadays last 20 years!

Although this patent was the first numbered British patent it was not the earliest patent ever granted. The earliest of all known patent grants was a grant of King Henry III of England (also ruler of the whole of western France) confirming a grant by the Mayor of Bordeaux to a citizen of Bordeaux for the manufacture of “cloths in many divers colours after the manner of the Flemmings”.

Staffordshire is renowned for being the home of the first ever Trade Mark which was granted to Bass Brewers for their Red Triangle on 1 January 1876. Legend has it that a Bass employee queued overnight outside the registrar’s office on New Year’s Eve in order to be the first in line to register a trade mark the next morning.

The world of Intellectual Property can be complicated but it is also an interesting one and the Business Innovation Centre is pleased that the Intellectual Property Office who grant these patents and trade marks will be coming to Staffordshire on 14 June 2018 to share their knowledge and understanding of Intellectual Property Rights including Patents and Trade Marks and many more.

To attend this event which is free of charge to Staffordshire businesses you can book on-line at What IP Do You Own or contact the BIC directly