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• Grants of up to £5,000 available (37% intervention)

• Fund external specialist support to help you research, develop & launch to market a new product or service.

• The Grant can be used to pay for specialist advice in areas such as IPR strategy, advice on New Product Design and Development, IT support, Financial advice, Marketing strategy for a new product, process or service.


As you said we have been running this project for three years and it has been a very successful project for us and so we are over the moon that it will continue for another three years. We will be able to continue to offer business advice on innovation within Staffordshire, run a number of self-development workshops and events focussing on innovation and continue to offer our New Product Development Grant.

This grant can be used to help companies pay for external assistance to help them research, develop and launch to market a new product or service. We have helped 45 innovations in the last three years and look forward to helping to bring many more to market.

The typical expenditure would include Patent or Trade Mark Attorney Fees – we can’t pay towards a Patent or a Trade Mark itself but we could help with the fees for the advice these Attorneys give. It would also include the work done by market research companies, product designers, sofware companies, legal entities, testing facilities es etc – any consultancy fees where a company has to pay for external advice.

Our grant is for Staffordshire based B2B (business to business activity) companies or new start-up companies with a new product idea which they would sell business to business. As this project is an extension, companies who have received funding from us in the last three years would, unfortunately, be ineligible to apply.

There are a number of sectors in which businesses should not be supported with ERDF due to the existence of particular State Aid and other regimes, or because Aid would distort competition. The following are ineligible for ERDF support:

  • Fishery and aquaculture sectors supported by EFF
  • Primary production, processing and marketing of agricultural products, supported by EAFRD
  • Coal, steel and shipbuilding sectors
  • The synthetic fibres sector
  • Generalised (school age) education
  • Banking and insurance companies
  • Defence and Safety
  • Retail businesses (supporting or refurbishing retail facilities).

NB: ERDF can be used to support the business growth and low carbon needs of retail businesses as part of projects that are not exclusively targeted at the retail sector. Revenue support for the retail sector is eligible where the following is met by a project: – the business supported in an SME; and – the support is not exclusively or predominately targeted at retail businesses.

The grant will be £5,000 and we would be able to give back to the companies 37% of their overall expenditure. To receive the full amount of £5,000 the company’s eligible external consultancy fees would need to be £13,500.

Complete the form below and you will then be contacted to arrange an appointment. This appointment will go through the full application form and the process from application to grant offer.

Any questions, telephone 01782 333798.

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