Through our membership of the European Business Network the BIC has access to various programmes and funding schemes and are pleased to announce a new Open Innovation Program called MATCHER which as the name implies will match up start up or young businesses with innovative ideas with large companies who already have access to huge markets.

If you can answer “yes” to the following questions it might be in your interest to pursue this further:

  1. Is your business involved in:
    The Future of Packaging (Interactive Packaging, Intelligent Packaging, New Materials, Sustainable Packaging, Packaging Optimization)
    Healthcare and Wellbeing (Internet of medical things, Wearable Devices, Precision Medicine, Nutrition as Prevention, Advance Technology, Digital Reality, Gene Editing, Drug Delivery)
    Smart Mobility? (Innovative Infrastructure, Electric vehicles, Connected vehicles, Autonomous drives, Intermodal transports, SMART logistics, Micro-mobility)
  2. Do you have an innovation you can share with an European Large Company to help you commercialise your idea? Companies taking part include Tetra Pak, Schneider, Barilla, Bologna Airport and Robopac.
  3. Will you be prepared to work on a three week start up programme given by Deloitte October/November 2019?
  4. Are you available to attend a two day seminar in Bologna, Italy on 13-14 November 2019?

If you are interested please contact the BIC on to give you access to the Expression of Interest for the Programme.

Closing Date is 30 September 2019