This time last year I started a Blog around Technological and Scientific Predictions for 2016 as researched by NESTA the world’s leading Innovation foundation.

Before I consider this year’s predictions I thought I would look back at one of the 2016 Predictions showing how that evolved over the year. 

“Doctors will start prescribing computer games to heal you”

This hasn’t quite evolved as predicted but a virtual reality experience used to treat patients suffering with paranoia has proved ground breaking. May 2016 saw the launch of Sea Quest Hero, a 3D game which collects data on spatial navigation to help dementia research. By November data collected from 2.4 million players has led to a breakthrough that could lead to the first ever test for dementia.



At the same time a huge craze overtook the world and the UK as the Pokemon Go phenomenon hit and you couldn’t move for people walking around playing it in the streets, parks and at tourist attractions. At its height in July there were nearly 45,000,000 active users looking for a Pikachu to add to their Pokedex. The interactive game has been praised for its physical and social benefits encouraging children and parents to go out walking in their locality.

The 2016 prediction that “Doctors will start prescribing computer games to heal you” may well come true in 2017.

For 2017 the future predictions by NESTA include:

  • Vegetarian Food Gets Bloodthirsty
  • Lifelong Learners
  • Blockchain Powers a Personal Data Revolution
  • The rise of the Armchair Volunteer
  • The Splinternet
  • Classroom Conundrums Tackled Together
  • A new artistic approach to Virtual Reality
  • Computer Says No:  the backlash
  • Next Generation Social Movement for Health
  • How Brexit turned the UK German

My next few blogs will investigate these in further detail so watch this space …………….