NESTA is an independent charity that works to increase the innovation capacity of the UK. It acts through a combination of practical programmes, investment, policy research and the formation of partnerships to promote innovation across a broad range of sectors.

As such it has a really good insight into what organisations and companies are researching and investing in for the future and is certainly an organisation the BIC is closely linked to.

There are 10 NESTA predictions for 2017, let’s look at some of them:

Vegetarian Food Gets Bloodthirsty !!
In kitchens and laboratories around the world a whole new breed of veggie burger is being developed which looks like meat, tastes like meat and even bleeds like meat and would fool even the most hardened carnivore.
Supposedly healthier, more sustainable and just as delicious as the real thing, it is predicted that in 2017 hyper-realistic mock meat will start to grace our dinner tables.

Lifelong Learners
As automation expands even further into industry it is anticipated that over the next couple of decades millions of jobs will either disappear or change from manufacturing to services and the professions. Hundreds of millions of adults will have to learn new skills, from handling digital technologies to more human skills like how to collaborate, communicate or create.

As that reality dawns, attention will turn to adult education and retraining. In recent years they have been largely ignored and had their funding cut. That’s set to change.

Watch out for more talk of ‘older workers’ and ‘adult skills’, and the ‘stock’ as well as the ‘flow’ of learners. Watch out for ministers and policy-makers talking about how low adult skills threatens not just the life chances of millions, but also the productivity of the economy as a whole, not to mention widespread feelings of disempowerment.

Blockchain Powers a Personal Data Revolution
Sounds complicated but following the rise of the world wide web and increased share of information which on the up side has opened up so many opportunities to everybody there is a growing down side where we have seen a controlling and sometimes intrusive reach into our personal lives when personal information is exchanged for services.

Research is now growing on an alternative to the centralised web where everybody controls their own information and knows who has accessed them. In 2017 through Blockchain – a distributed ledger that enables individuals to transact with each other without the need of a trusted third party we will see the acceleration of efforts to apply exactly these benefits at scale, empowering users of online services to create personal data stores which will allow people to own and maintain their own data, granting and rescinding access and enabling it to be used, shared or deleted as they see fit.

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