This year, the ten predictions are regarding some of the main themes of our times – the climate crisis, drone technology, the changing face of democracy and new surveillance tools. We can use these predictions to shape our future into a positive direction by becoming more innovative. Here are some of the predictions that we found particularly interesting.

1. The Digital Twin

In 2020 it is predicted that we will have our very own digital replicas that will guide us with our decision making in the real world. The fear of the future and the unknown has paved the path for these virtual gadgets that allow us to live out possible futures via our digital twin before we make any real-life decisions or changes.

2. A New Voting System

Quadratic voting could be the method of restoring faith in our democracy again. What we could see is a change in the current voting systems. The quadratic system would allow voters to express their preference for multiple options while ensuring that only those that care deeply about a single option will cast additional votes for them. In relation to innovation, this could be used by voters to prioritise areas such as funding and innovation. We could see quadratic voting being used to give citizens a say in budget allocations or policy decisions.

3. Fireworks have their last bang

In 2020, we will begin to see the decrease in fireworks and more drone lights as an alternative. The concern for the human, financial and environmental costs of fireworks has led to technological innovation and advancement in this area. It is reported that over £2 billion literally goes up in smoke each year. Drone technology is advancing rapidly and there is a gap opening up in the entertainment market for drones. The advantages of drones are that they are reusable, quieter, leave no air pollutants and generally safer.

4. Ecoanxiety will help us save the planet

The threat of climate change has reached new heights. Over a third of the British public reported in 2019 that they felt anxious because of the environmental emergency. Ecoanxiety is characterised by feelings of depression, grief, rage, despair, hopelessness, guilt and shame. It has been described as ‘a chronic fear of environmental doom’. The way to move forward is by engaging with the natural world and making a conscious decision to take action. In 2020 people are going to be becoming actively involved in tackling the underlying challenges the environmental crisis poses for humanity.

5. Women get intimate with their hormones

In 2020 the increase in data available to monitor women’s health will help more women to better shape their lives. The accessibility of technology has enabled the growing use of apps and more and more women are using these to record and monitor hormonal changes. However, in 2020 we will begin to see this information becoming more open and this will then be used by medical professionals to innovate new methods to improve women’s health. In 2020, women will use technology and data to manage their own health.

Hopefully, these Predictions for 2020 will inspire you to come up with some great Innovations for 2020. If you need a hand why not come along to our Innovative Thinking to Beat the Competition workshop on 26 February 2020 to inspire you: