The Business Innovation Centre’s New Product Development Grant has now been increased to just under £10,000

This grant financed through the European Regional Development Fund will help Staffordshire based B2B companies pay for external expertise to help them research and develop a new product or service.

Since the European funded project was launched in April 2016 the BIC has awarded over £400,000 to local businesses to employ experts such as Product Designers; Market Researchers; Patent & Trade Mark Attorneys; Testing Facilities and E-commerce specialists to help them with their innovations. 

Thirty Five new products or services have been supported to date including the following which have recently been launched to the market:

  • A mobile phone adapter and technology to take photographs of endoscopic images by Endoscope-i from Lichfield company –
  • An adjustable line of sight camera which captures what you see from your perspective. Aim Cam – a Staffordshire Moorlands company –
  • Radiator fixing kit to allow radiators to be easily reclined without removal from the wall to allow painting or maintenance. Rotarad from Stoke on Trent
  • A queue watching phone app to allow people to track queues typically at barbers, car parks, hospitals etc Queue Watch – a Stoke on Trent company –

The BIC’s Grant will represent 40% of the overall project expenditure and so will cover project values up to £25,000 whereby up to £10,000 could be paid back to the company on satisfactory completion of the outsourced work.

The next funding panel to consider applications for the £10,000 grant will be on
11 August 2017 and companies should express interest on the BIC’s website at:

Further information about the BIC and its activities can be found on their website