dick-fosburyIt’s been wonderful following Team GB at the Rio Olympics, we did so well coming second in the Medals table.  We got so many golds, so many FIRSTS.  And we’ve seen many Firsts in Innovations in Technology helping the adjudicators and referees, Innovations in training helping the athletes reach their maximum fitness but can you remember Dick Fosbury in the Mexico Olympics in 1968 where he first introduced the Fosbury Flop?

On the Nesta website there is an old clip of the actual event where Dick Fosbury took the High Jump by storm when instead of utilising the traditional straddle or scissors technique he decided it would be better to lower his centre of mass during the jump by wrapping his back and himself closely around the bar and land on his shoulders and not his feet. This allowed him to jump much higher – a real innovation. And even though for almost 40 years Fosbury was considered a freak, all High Jump Professionals now use the Fosbury Flop technique.

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