You are invited to ICONS — a Zoom webinar for thought-leading, technically-minded and down-right legendary STEM businesses

  • Gain core tech PR skills for quick wins and easy coverage
  • Learn how to survive and thrive throughout the Coronavirus pandemic
  • You don’t even need to wear trousers

We understand that PR is never a ‘one size fits all’ strategy, especially when it comes to marketing technical STEM businesses. Balancing fact-filled content with a digestible writing style is often harder than finding flour during lockdown — and that’s pretty hard.

What’s harder is knowing where to draw the imaginary ‘Goldilocks line’ — your content needs to be jussssst right. Too technical and you alienate the general engineer, who makes up a large proportion of your readership, too simple and subject matter experts will never revere you as a thought leader. It is no longer enough to have a deep technical understanding of your product or business. If you can’t communicate your work effectively, you risk losing out to those who can.

But fear not.

Stone Junction and the BIC invite you to learn how to do it from the ICONs!

• Date: Thursday 6 August
• Time: 12:00 pm
• Venue: Zoom
• Dress code: All attendees must wear a jazz hat
• AOB: …We were joking about the jazz hat

What to expect:
In association with the BIC, Stone Junction will present a one-off webinar explaining the who’s, why’s and what’s of technical PR. The conference will last for one hour, followed by questions from the floor with tea, coffee and lukewarm finger sandwiches. (Sadly, you will have to provide your own drinks. And sandwiches).

In apology for the lack of conference related snacks, core tech PR and marketing advice will be available in abundance. Designed to cater to both beginners and veterans this ICONS webinar will explain how Einstein, Warhol, The Beatles and Fred Astaire can teach us to be technical, creative, inspired and objective when planning, strategizing and delivering our campaigns.

STEM and technical PR advice: Here, we will detail the pros and cons of tailoring your PR strategy to your business — Hint: There aren’t many cons. We’ll also explain why you should hunt far and wide for a PR agency who specialises in STEM and the tactics you should expect from a great marketing campaign.

Navigating COVID-19 media: It can be hard enough to generate good coverage at the best of times. But in the landscape of the coronavirus, it’s even harder to be heard.

This section of the webinar will discuss nonexploitative tactics to promoting your business during the lockdown, while also preparing you for a future where you can succeed post-pandemic.

Key tactics for quick wins: Traditional PR isn’t the great taboo it once was, and if you’re neglecting the golden oldies of marketing from your campaign, you’re missing out on some great coverage — guaranteed!

Here we’ll explain exactly what you need to achieve great PR results and the tactics that will get you there.

Who to expect:
Hosting the ICONS webinar is Richard Stone, CHART.PR.

Stone is an engineering and technical PR expert who, in 2019, was listed as one of the CIPR’s 70 at 70 honourees. With over 20 years of PR experience, he has worked with the likes of ABB, BT, National Grid ESO, Schneider Electric and WorldCom. When he isn’t managing multi-award-winning PR agency Stone Junction, he enjoys books, sci-fi and Liverpool FC — especially when they win. Which is quite often these days.

What next:
By now you’ll be desperate to come to the ICONS webinar — we hope — so follow the link here to collect a ticket and receive the Zoom room details.

If you wish to see more virtual content from the wonderful Richard Stone or Stone Junction, then please bombard Sandra at the BIC with emails about how much you love us. Go on. Do it