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Data Driven Logistics

Since its early days in 2004 the BIC has taken a keen interest in Data Driven Logistics, a successful software solutions and technology services provider.

The BIC could see that this was a company which would embrace innovation into all avenues of its business and was an ideal client for the Business Innovation Centre. Their first product – the Pen2PC enables field based workers equipped with a digital pen to write with normal ink on paper forms and instantly transmit an electronic copy via their mobile phone or a usb cradle struck all the right chords for innovation. The handwriting is converted into text and data that can be automatically imported into back office IT systems all in a matter of seconds.

Since their first product, DDL has continued to invest in researching and developing innovative new products and exhibited their latest innovation Canditv at the BIC’s celebratory event which marked the end of a number of European
funded projects.

The BIC has been pleased to be able to support DDL

“The Business Innovation Centre has proven an excellent source of advice, support and funding over several years. Its professional and knowledgeable team has helped DDL achieve significant five figure grant assistance towards research and development resulting in the commercialisation of several national award winning products now used by leading brands including the likes of Miele, Tesco, The Belfry, The Millennium Stadium, Audi and so on. Further funding assistance such as Local BIC grants have helped the business to acquire or update a range of capital equipment. Beyond direct financial support, further advice, training and contacts have helped progress the business from start-up to well established, with nationally renowned product brands, and a reputation for innovation and quality.”

Kevin Griffiths – Managing Director, Data Driven Logistics

Staffs BIC sees its role as encouraging innovative practices and DDL has embraced this thoroughly, benefitting from the initial Self Assessment Analysis Workshop on Innovation – one of a number of self development workshops on innovation related subjects.

The BIC organises and supports innovation related events, more recently working in conjunction with Business Link West Midlands and their Awareness and Innovation Managements sessions – part of their Innovation Advisory Service. DDL have attended these events; listened and taken on board the advice given and benefitted from the excellent networking opportunities these events have given them.

The BIC has access to various avenues of funding, in particular relating to innovation and new product development and DDL has consistently applied for and successfully acquired these sources of funding.

The BIC sponsors a number of local Business Awards and DDL has applied for and won the BIC sponsored Sentinel Business of the Year Awards and its Managing Director Kevin Griffiths has won the BIC Sponsored North Staffordshire Citizen of the Year Award. DDL has since gone on to win a number of other Regional and National awards.
Sandra Butterworth the BIC’s Director of Innovation writes “DDL has consistently taken advantage of the support made available to them through the Business Innovation Centre being prepared to devote the time to investigate all avenues and very importantly taking advantage of the numerous opportunities which have come their way.

It is this consistent awareness, dedication and determination that has made DDL the successful and respected company they have become and are a credit to the local business community. Success doesn’t come to a business, you have to go out and find it and DDL are consistently out there looking for it.”



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