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EOS Risk management

EOS a security and training company based in Stoke on Trent are a specialist provider of integrated maritime and offshore security risk mitigation solutions dealing

with a wide client base from Fortune 500 corporations, governmental and non-governmental organisation to private companies and individuals worldwide.

They work in the oil and gas field providing security measures and operations and production requirements for areas such as drilling and production platforms; pipe layers; jack-up rigs and dynamic positioning support vessels.

They protect world trade through anti-piracy support for commercial shipping organisations within the Indian Ocean, Gulf of Guinea and other global high risk areas by conducting risk assessments and providing high performing Vessel Protection Officers.
EOS also offers security training courses approved by numerous awarding bodies and delivered by expert personnel with first-hand knowledge and operational and tactical experience in aviation, first aid and maritime security.

It is for support in this area of training that EOS contacted the BIC to help with the design and marketing of an unique live fire training simulator for emergency situations in the maritime environment where they could create real time emergency scenarios for delegates on their maritime security courses.

The BIC’s European funded project helps companies to pay for specialist external advice by funding 25% of the cost up to £2,500.

David Johnson from EOS commented

“The assistance from the BIC has been invaluable in getting this project off the ground. The process was tough and applicants should be under no illusion that these valuable funds are given away easily however, for those with genuine projects I would encourage engagement with BIC. Our project has been hugely successful and we’ve trained in excess of 120 individuals using the unit. The uniqueness of it in our industry has ensured we are seen as cutting edge.”

Following the financial support from the BIC EOS now has its own Live Firefighting training facility based at Uttoxeter Racecourse.


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