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The Sunset Lighting System

Sunset Lighting Systems Ltd based in Stoke on Trent with an office on the island of Majorca specializes in producing totally waterproof LED lighting systems for challenging conditions.

After five years of constant experimentation, development and adaption both in the warm waters of the Mediterranean Sea and in the sub-zero snow-covered mountains on Majorca, the Sunset Lighting Systems company believes it now has a unique, high quality, world-leading product that will meet the diverse needs of most architects and construction companies.
Depending on what the customer requires, the lights themselves are either IP68 (underwater rating) or IP64 (outdoor weatherproof rating) and are guaranteed for five years. They also carry the CE standard mark.

The BIC was able to help the company to protect their Lite Bar® lighting unit which can be totally enclosed in either Aluminium or PVC Plastic conduits which are compatible with “off the shelf” electrical conduit fittings. They also received substantial support from Keele and Aston Universities along the product development journey.

As developing a product and running a business was a new venture for both partners in the business – one being an electrical engineer and one a TV and Radio Presenter, they have attended many of the free BIC Workshops to help them understand Innovation, how best to protect their concept and how to develop and launch the product to market. They also learned about Frugal Innovation and claiming R&D Tax Relief.

“BIC’s support has been invaluable in helping us turn an idea into a credible, well-tested, leading-edge and multi-purpose product, that’s ready to go to a world market. The mentoring we’ve received – and contacts we’ve made – have been as equally invaluable, enabling us to secure advice and funding towards both patent and registered design costs, as well as receiving R&D tax credits.

But it doesn’t finish there, Staffordshire BIC is constantly keeping us in touch with relevant workshops and other possible funding sources.”

Terry Walsh – The Sunset Lighting Systems Ltd


Sunset Lighting Company

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