One of the main drivers for new product development is “solving a problem” and this is the clear reason behind the development of Cabbunk®

Richard & Jane Olphin from Blythe Bridge near Stoke on Trent have been motorhoming for years. When their two granddaughters arrived they looked for a way to take the girls away for occasional short trips.
They scoured the web for child cab beds and found them available only for older VWs. None were available for the new swivel seat cabs. Richard looked at the problem and found that it would be possible to secure the rear of a bunk onto the strong rear headrests of the swivel led seats, the front of the bunk could be held by conventional hammock pole brackets.

Richard’s first thought was to seek to protect his idea and contacted Swindell & Pearson local Patent Attorneys in 2012 before being referred soon after to the BIC. Swindell & Pearson work very closely with the BIC and knew that they could provide additional support to Richard with regard to product design, funding and marketing.

Once the patent application was on the way, production commenced and by 2013 Cabbunk was on the market and was being exhibited at a number of leisure, caravan, camping and motor shows.