“Many people believe that there is more than enough water in England and Wales to meet society’s needs. Overall, this is true, but rain does not necessarily fall in the right place or at the right time to meet demand from people or to provide the right amount for the environment. Water is not always naturally available in the same places as the highest pressures of people and growth.” – Environment Agency

I read this article today and it once more drove home the need to always plan ahead and find new solutions for tomorrow’s problems before they reach us.

This is what Innovation is about and I’m pleased to hear that the Technology Strategy Board and two Research organisations – EPSRC and NERC are investing in a “Think Tank” of ten small to medium sized companies in the UK to deliver innovative feasibility projects designed to help businesses safeguard our future water supply, both in this country and abroad. Each company has been set the tough challenge of creating a new technology or process that will either save or recycle 1,000 million litres per day worth of water – equivalent to roughly the same volume of water it would take to fill 400 Olympic sized swimming pools.

If you have an idea to help save or recycle our water it might be worth while contacting the Technology Strategy Board.