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Friday 26th April is World Intellectual Property Day.
This is the day WIPO came into force in 1970 and is a day whose aim is to increase the general understanding of Intellectual Property Rights.

As an Innovation Centre we know only too well the importance of IP and run five or six events a year so that local companies can understand and take up any IP protection for their businesses. Yes, Patents can be expensive and take a long time to be granted but can you afford not to protect your innovation? It gives you monopoly on the production of that innovation for twenty years!

It was good to hear this week that the plans to bring in a new ‘superfast’ patent processing service, which will be capable of granting patents in just 90 days, were confirmed by Intellectual Property Minister Lord Younger.

Trade Marks are always interesting and can include a company’s logo and product branding. Your Trade Mark will sell your product so get it registered.

Copyright is a very much underestimated form of Intellectual Property. Did you know that you could still benefit from your intellectual property when you are dead? According to the Intellectual Property Office the top Dead Earner in 2012 was Elizabeth Taylor at $210m followed by Michael Jackson at $145m and Elvis a mere $55m

If you want to know more come along to our next IPR workshop on 15 May 2013.