Everyone at the Business Innovation Centre would like to wish Littash Jayan all the best with her future career. Littash came to the BIC on a placement from Keele University’s Research and Innovation Support Programme (KRISP) for ten weeks to help set up an on-line platform for the BIC’s workshops and events where resources relevant to each event can be stored and easily accessed by workshop delegates. 

Littash worked with the BIC’s IT Manager Paul Longshaw and their Director of Innovation Sandra Butterworth to develop the platform and the on-line resource is now up and running and available to the relevant workshop delegates to access.

The KRISP programme provides dedicated human resource and academic expertise to help small and medium sized businesses to develop a new product, process or service.

Littash has a degree and a Masters in Information Technology and is looking for employment in IT and Business Management. We at the BIC would be happy to pass on her contact details to suitable potential employers

KRISP Information