The BIC has been working with River Canal Rescue Ltd based in Stafford for many years. The company is the Inland Waterways equivalent to the Road’s AA/RAC. They maintain boats and rescue boaters who have broken down on one of our rivers or canals. It is a membership-based organisation operating 24/7.

They have benefited from various funding and support from the BIC over the years and many RCR staff have attended BIC workshops and events to ensure the company maintains that vital culture of innovation.

As a business, they have other offerings – boat handling courses and engine inspections and the BIC was pleased in 2020 to have supported the IP protection and the branding of their first manufactured product – BilgeAway.

BilgeAway is also the world’s first environmentally friendly filter which not only stops fuel and oil pollution leaking from a boat but locks in hydrocarbons and makes them inert and will never leach. The filter contents can then be composted giving environmental peace of mind.